Sunday, November 20, 2016

Steamboat Mickey

A three page document, dated May 19, 1928, holds some fascinating clues about the personality and thoughts of the man who brought us The Mouse.  In particular, what was going on in Walt's mind regarding what I'm sure he was fervently hoping would be a break thru moment in the history of all things Disney.

Typewritten on a Remington, in a standard pica font at ten characters per inch, on five hole punched paper, the wording of the message is instructive, insightful and revealing.

This memo was probably written in haste, judging from the spelling and punctuation errors and likely done by Walt himself, reflecting many of the experiences, fears and hopes which had brought Roy, Ub and himself to that moment.

Note the call for everyone to do their best, that there was plenty of room for everyone to add their own gags, and the triple shot of not letting anyone know what they were up to.

I wonder if Walt had any idea that he was going to end up doing Mickey's voice for the next few decades.

It is signed, simply, in pencil;

Good Luck


This will be our first "sound" Mickey, and the first of 
many.The whole feeling should be MUSIC & MOVEMENT, its 
very important for the motion to be as fluid as possible
and to be naturally worked into the story and "gags".

What we have outlined in the script leaves a lot of
room to add your own "gags", and changes.
the most important thing is that we all put our best
efforts and ideas into the story.

Mickey must be featured at all times as the centre of
the action,and try to work in as much " GAG INSTUMENT "
STUFF, as possible.

The New timing sheets should help you in setting up
scenes,and gag stuff.but thay must not be taken out
of the studio just in case.

At all times you must not let anyone know that we are
making a "Talkie Cartoon" so keep this to your selfs
and do not take any materials home with you.

Also please try to come up with a "Voice" for MICKEY
we are all contributing to this part of the project
so keep your ears open?.............................


Numbers to call.

WALT. Ext.207.
UBI.  Ext.143.
ROY.  Ext.204.


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