Monday, September 26, 2016

Three Favorite Walts

My Three Walts
Among the hundreds of images of Walt Disney there are three which are my personal favorites because of the way they portray him. The first is a young Walt, laying on his stomach, holding a camera, smiling.

The next shows him probably thirty years later, at the throttle of his miniature steam locomotive, grinning like a kid at Christmas. His hair uncharacteristically fluffy, bangs falling down over his forehead.

The last image shows him talking to one of his staff, necktie loosened, upper shirt button undone, collar open, hand on his left hip. Its a casual pose you wouldn't expect from the big boss.

Bob Gurr worked for Walt for 45 years, so he knew him pretty well. Here Bob,reflects on Walt's management style and the way he treated his employees;

Note that Gurr specifically mentions Walt deliberately loosening his tie and making himself look kind of "ratty" in order to be more approachable, as shown in the middle photo, above.

Of course, for casual, it's hard to top Walt in a hammock, but not at work.

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  1. Walt Disney was long dead 30 years after your first favorite photo of him was taken during his South American goodwill trip in 1941.


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