Saturday, December 12, 2015

Walt's Office Ghost

The frost is on the Pumpkin
A nip is in the Wind
and so it's time to share the Tale
of Walt's Office Ghost, again...

In December of 2014, I attended the cast member and family Holiday Celebration at the Burbank Studios and wanted to take the opportunity to view some of the artwork in the corridors. I knew that Walt's Office was in one of the buildings, but wasn't sure which one, so I asked a security guard for directions. He knew which building it was, but wasn't exactly sure where the office might have been in the building, so I headed over, thinking I'd get more directions when I arrived. Little did I know I was about to get more than I was expecting.

Nearly everyone was at the party, so the halls in the building were empty and quiet. Fortunately, I ran into some very helpful party-poopers on the second floor who directed me further upstairs, but not before telling me a story about Walt

Apparently the IT/Networking group does their maintenance in the buildings after hours. When it is particularly quiet and absolutely no one else is there, some of the technicians have reported hearing Walt's distinctive cough near the corner of the building where his office used to be. 

I took this photo from the hallway outside the door, before the recent renovation. The low lighting and endless reflections between the full glass doors across the hall from each other add a rather eternal perspective. Mickey is there, standing guard, acting as sentinel over his muse's former workplace. The feeling was a bit dark and gloomy, but also peaceful and serene.

I stood there quietly for a few long moments, listening and peering deeply into the darkness beyond the transparent portal. Finally, reaching for my iPhone, hoping to capture a fleeting image that would convey the feeling of the scene, I coaxed the dim light into memory, turned, and headed back towards the glowing Holiday lights and merriment outside.

True to Walt's wishes. I've plussed things up a bit and take this out once or twice a year, for Halloween and his birthday. See if you can find the hidden "Mickey."   °o°

Full size it's 4x4 and 400 dpi, so it should print nicely.

Please feel free to share.


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